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Pediatric Speech Therapy Sterling Heights

Super Talkers is a language and occupational therapy clinic for kids. Our mission is to help every child we can reach in Oakland and Macomb County! We make sure families never have to face these challenges alone and set our patients up for long-term success.

Our on-staff Speech-Language Pathologist and Registered Occupational Therapist work with children in early intervention (0-3 years old) up to teenagers (14-17 years old).

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Speech-Language Therapy Services Include:

  • Late Talkers
  • Speech Delays
  • Articulation/Phonology
  • Receptive/Expressive Language
  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech
  • Autism
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)
  • Down Syndrome and Other Chromosomal Abnormalities
  • Developmental Delays
  • Cognitive Skills
  • Learning Disability and Other Learning Problems
  • School Performance
  • Sensory Processing Disorder

More About Speech Therapy In Sterling Heights

For some kids, enunciating specific sounds or words correctly can be quite challenging. As a consequence, others may be unable to comprehend what they are attempting to convey. This jeopardizes their ability to connect and develop relationships. Children with such disabilities should seek the assistance of speech therapists. Fortunately, you can easily access the services of one experienced in children’s speech impediments if you live close to Sterling Heights in Michigan.

Why See a Speech Therapist?

Speech therapists are sometimes called speech-language pathologists. They are trained to assess speech impediments and help kids and adults overcome them so that they can communicate more effectively. These are the issues commonly requiring the guidance of a speech therapist:

  • Language: Some children find difficulty in translating their thoughts into comprehensible words. Often, they also find it challenging to comprehend other people. In most cases, this could be caused by a hearing impairment.
  • Fluency: Some children find it hard to complete a sentence or even just a word. Stuttering is a common fluency disorder. Kids that have this, for example, might repeat the “w” sound several times before being able to complete the word “what.”
  • Resonance: Some children have trouble being understood because they aren’t able to project their voice properly. In many cases, kids that have this disorder will mumble. 
  • Articulation: Some children find certain sounds challenging. For example, they might have trouble articulating the R sound and end up saying “wun” rather than “run.” Among the most common articulation issues are lisps.

To Whom is Speech Therapy Most Advantageous?

Speech-language pathologists treat individuals of all ages. However, it is best to engage their services early. This is especially true if kids have certain physical conditions that affect their ability to speak clearly. Among the physical impediments speech therapists can help with are:

  • Abnormal movement around the mouth and lips
  • Throat issues that make it difficult to swallow
  • Autism and similar developmental difficulty
  • Trouble hearing clearly
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Having vocal nodules

What is it Like for Kids to See a Speech Therapist?

Find a speech therapist that’s easily accessible from Sterling Heights, if that’s where you’re from. That will make it convenient for your child to attend regular sessions. The first will likely involve a speech evaluation where your child will be asked to utter certain words and phrases. After this test, the speech therapist should be able to determine what methods would be most beneficial.

What happens in subsequent sessions with the speech therapist will depend on your child’s specific problems. If their challenges are mostly related to fluency or articulation, their therapy would focus on pronouncing challenging sentences, learning sounds, and solving any speech difficulties they may have. Sessions for language problems will usually consist of learning how to think more effectively and, as a result, speak more clearly. 

How Long Does Speech Therapy Last?

Speech therapy sessions should be continued until the impediment has been resolved. Children will benefit from attending sessions at least once a week. Their treatment may last anywhere from a few weeks to several years, depending on how quickly they progress.

To reduce the amount of time spent attending speech therapy sessions, it’s beneficial to follow the strategies and methods outside of the clinic. Your child should be able to resolve any speech impediment they have with some initiative and the help of a reputable speech therapist in Sterling Heights.

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