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Super Talkers therapists have one primary focus: to improve the lives of children. We seek to provide the best care for our clients and set them up for lifelong success. We look forward to meeting you and seeing how we can help your family.

Super Talkers Nadine Arsanos

Nadine Arsanos

Owner/Speech Language Pathologist

Nadine Arsanos is the owner of Super Talkers Pediatric Therapy. Nadine graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a Master of Arts in Speech Language Pathology.

Nadine’s mission is to help every child she can reach that is struggling with language and communication. She loves to build confidence in her patients and provide them with the communication skills they will need for a lifetime!

In her free time, Nadine enjoys hanging out with her friends, taking her dog Luciano for walks, and absolutely loves to travel (especially to Spain!). Nadine’s long-term vision for Super Talkers is to build lifelong relationships with the families she serves, and to be known as the pediatric therapy center that parents can rely on and trust with their children’s therapy services.

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