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Does my Child Need Speech Therapy?

There are many reasons why your child may benefit from receiving speech-language therapy. If you are a parent concerned that your child isn’t meeting speech-language norms, do not let it overwhelm you by taking it on alone. Below are some reasons why you may want to consult with a Super Talkers therapist today!

Some of the reasons you should consult with a speech therapist concerning your child’s speech and language development:

  • Not saying at least 10 words by 18 months
  • Has difficulty following or understanding simple commands at 18 months or older
  • Not able to identify simple objects that are familiar to him/her
  • Does not use or understand at least 50 words by two years of age
  • Does not combine at least two words by two years of age
  • Not able to label items in familiar settings/stories
  • Does not produce early developing consonants (p, b, m, n, d, t, g, k, y) by two to three years of age
  • Not understood by you or unfamiliar listeners by two years of age
  • Not combining three or more words by three years of age
  • Not initiating conversations
  • Not asking “why” by age three
  • Not learning any new sounds after speech begins
  • Loses speech that was previously produced
  • Any other changes in speech/language resulting in loss of skills that were once present

If you feel that your child is not meeting any of these speech-language norms, contact us and schedule an evaluation today.

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